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   Determination of standard procedures in land evaluation for the purposes of agriculture, natural resource and technical and engineering studies with regard to soil characteristics, natural and climatic conditions, economic and social context. Development of land use maps using research data in soils, agricultural activities, climatic change, natural factors, plant cover, economic and social conditions and other related influences are the min research areas in cooperation with state agricultural research centers. 
   The research of this section aims to determine the most appropriate type of land use and considering environmental factors (soil, land, climate and irrigation water), farm management and socio-economic issues, in order to achieve sustainable land use. The results of these studies have been made available to various researchers and users in the form of resource assessment and land capability maps at 1: 100000 and 1: 250000 scales.


Resource Evaluaton Map of Tehran, Alborz and Qom Provinces (Scale 1: 250000)


  The Land Evaluation Research Department has introduced the first national land suitability software for the country's crop and horticulture using remote sensing technologies, spatial information systems and an Internet platform that provides access to maps that Provides land suitability in the form of the "National Land Suitability System".




Agricultural Microclimate Map


    The National Land Suitability System for Crops and Orchards

An example of land suitability maps for crops and orchards
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