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   Determining water requirements of crops in their successive stages of growth, the potential evapotranspiration of crops under the country’s different agro-climatic conditions, water use vs. crop yields, the efficiency of different irrigation methods, interaction of water and fertilizer on crop yields, and research on drought-resistant plant genetic stocks are the main objectives of this research department.

[  Research on Evapotranspiration of plants in different parts of the country.

[ Determine the water requirement for irrigation of crops and orchards at different stages of growth.

[  Determination of susceptibility of plants to water deficiency.

[ Determine the relationship between the amount of water consumed and the production of crops and orchards.

[  Research on procedures to improve water use efficiency.

[  Research in soil physics and water, soil and plant relationships.

[  Research on the interactions between water and fertilizer and fertigation in crop production in different irrigation methods.





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