Duties and Responsibilities


Planning research and studies related to soil, water and plants in nationwide with the cooperation of agricultural research and education centers and natural resources of the provinces and organizing and implementing these programs by observing their priorities and estimating the credits they need.
   Conducting basic, applied and developmental research at national and regional levels independently or jointly with other research institutes and centers and universities on the following topics:


1) Study and Investigation of characteristics, formation and classification and determine the geographical distribution soils of the country.

2) Land evaluation for various agricultural uses, natural and non-agricultural resources, irrigation systems, cultivation pattern and land use planning.

3) Determining soil and land productivity index and soil economic value.

4) Understanding the status and management of soil fertility and plant nutrition.

5) Identifying and introducing appropriate methods and materials for conservation and promotion of soil organic matter.

6) Identifying soil and water contaminants and preparing appropriate methods to eliminate soil and water contamination.

7) Understanding the relationships between water, soil and plants, water requirements and water consumption of cultivation pattern crops.

8) Identifying and optimizing the effective factors in managing water consumption in the field and presenting management strategies to improve the efficiency and productivity of water consumption of crops and orchards in the country.
9) Soil Rehabilitation, improvement and management of saline and sodic soils.

10) Development, revision and optimization of soil, water, plant and fertilizer Analysis methods.

11) Monitoring the status and management of the use of biological potential of soil and biological inputs to increase the qualitative and quantitative yield of crops and reduce the effects of biotic and abiotic stresses.

12) Study on the identification, monitoring and conservation of genetic resources related to beneficial soil organisms and microorganisms.

13) Study on management methods of plant residue, plant nutrition and irrigation in conservation agriculture.

14) Development of biofertilizer technology in the country.

15) Monitoring and evaluating the quality and health of soil, plants and crops and orchards in the country.

16) Ceating, developing and updating the national soil resources database and specialized systems for identifying and exploiting soil and water resources.

17) Estimating the need for chemical, organic and biological fertilizers in crops and orchards lands in the country.

18) Registration, monitoring and quality control of fertilizer inputs.

19) Supervise the implementation of research programs related to affiliated departments and agricultural research centers in different provinces.

20) Establishing relations with agricultural executive and production organizations and centers in order to get acquainted with soil and water issues to determine the policy and planning of relevant research projects.

21) Collaborate in promoting and transferring research findings to the farm scale at the national and regional levels.
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